Tips to Survive The Holidays Without Weight Gain

Are you ready to stay on track over the holidays, but aren't sure how?

Then you need my tips for Surviving The Holidays!  

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Research shows that the average person will consum up to 4,500 calories, 200g fat, 475g carbs and 200g protein on Thanksgiving Day!

Does that seem impossible to you? Well, think about it! You wake up and have breakfast and coffee for a few hundres calories. Then, you nibble on some appetizers and have a few adult beverages before the "big meal." This adds a few hundred more calories. THEN, the main event runs you about 2,500 calories alone. Add more adult beverages, dessert, and follow that up with an evening snack and reaching 4,500 calories is not hard to do!

My tips will help you make it through Thanksgiving well under 2,000 calories!


Included in this special download is my healthy Holiday Meal Plan to keep your holiday meal under 900 calories! Enjoy 7 delicious, easy and traditional recipes that the whole family is guaranteed to love!